Using Currency Exchange Results in your Automation Rules

Currency Exchange Utilities plugin fields may be used in your Automation Rules. Even if the plugin fields are not displayed in the dropdown list of available fields, you may utilise Smart Values.

Get a field id

Navigate to Custom Fields settings


Click Edit Details

On the opened page, go to the address bar and copy the field ID (this is a number at the end of the URL)


Creating automation Rule

Go to Automation section in your project. Create a new rule or use existing one. Add a new Smart Values condition


Use this construction as First Value in your condition (replace <your-field-id>)

{{issue.customfield_<your-field-id>}}  -> Null

In this example, we compare our calculation result to 100. You can also compare your field value with another using smart values.

If you use a “Create Issue” trigger, add “Re-fetch issue data” action; otherwise, your rule won’t work.