Currency Exchange Rate Calculation

Exchange Rate Calculation field type is used for displaying calculation results based on field configuration.

You can set constant source and target currency or get source and target currency from the issue.

Also you can get historical values and fetch exchange rates by the date field value in your Jira issue.

Field creation

Exchange Rate Calculation is a custom field type. It means you can create any number of fields of this type and place it on your issue’s view screen.

In this example we have 2 fields that calculates exchange rate value (Result Price and Result Price in EUR). Result Price gets Source and Target currency from the issue fields. Result Price in EUR takes source currency from the issue and convert it to EUR.


For creating custom field, go to the SettingsCustom FieldsCreate Custom Field

You can read more about creating custom fields in our guide or Atlassian documentation.

Field configuration

To configure field, go to the fields list, find your field and click Context and Default value.


On the Configure contexts page you can set up a Field Configuration.

Click on the Edit custom field config link


Configuration page contains 4 fields:

  • Source Currency
  • Target Currency
  • Amount
  • Date field

Source Currency

Source Currency may be set manually or got from the issue’s field. If you select Set manually checkbox, you should select source currency that would be applicable for all issues in this field context.

If you select Get from issue option, you should select issue field that stores source currency codes(like USD, GBP, EUR). We allow to use only text and select fields.

Target Currency

Target Currency field has the same options as Source Currency, but points to the currency we want convert to.


This field refers to the source value for conversion. It must be a number field.

Date field

This field is optional. You should select a date field that will be used for fetching historical exchange rates. For example, we want to get exchange rate for the certain date in the past. We set this date in Start date field.

In the example below, Result Price calculated from Price field, with Source Currency USD and Target Currency UAH by the 5 February 2023.


Our field will calculate exchange rate result according to the date that was set in Start date field.