Reactions Macro: How to configure

The Reactions Macro for Confluence adds a set of emojis to a Confluence page. A Confluence user can select a specific emoji by clicking on it. Each macro is configured independently.


Adding macro

  1. When editing, select ➕ from the toolbar
  2. Find the Reactions macro
  3. Configure it

Macro Configuration


Macro has a several configuration options:

Hide voters

Users cannot see who selected emojis. If this option is turned off, everyone can see the users' selections.


Please be aware that if you turn it on and then off again, previous selections will become visible.

Allow additional emojis

Users can select any emoji.


If this option is not selected, users can choose only emojis provided by page editor.

Compact buttons

Changes size of the buttons:


Multiple Reactions

Allows users to select multiple emojis.

Known issues

  1. Don’t copy macro. Configuration and user’s selections are copied with macro content. Instead of copying just create a new macro.
  2. Be aware that changing the macro configuration may affect the user experience: users may see voters when they're not supposed to, or see multiple selections for a macro where it was recently disabled. We encourage page editors to create a new macro for each new topic.